luni, 13 februarie 2012


  Hello to Everyone, Hey, today I just wanna show you a really cool guy, I don't know so many things about him, but i really think it's very talented .
 He's a 19 year boy, he's from Germany and he love electro house music , like me , but he makes his own music , and in my opinion it's very good, you can find him on YouTube whit the user :MindSetHouse or you can find his music on the channel named vanhalenfan613, or you  just write "Mindset" if you are intrested to find a new talend, or just to listen to some good house .Belive me, it's worth, especially for people who love house music.
   Here I have something for you guys, he made this one , Just listen and enjoy.
Mindset - World Trip

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